What happens after I lease a domain name from 88.broker?

The 88.broker lease-to-own program is available as an alternative to purchasing the name outright. You’re able to buy the domain name with over monthly installments, and at the end of the lease period, if all payments are complete, you would be the new owner of the domain name.

Once you complete the checkout process for a leased domain, you will be contacted by a 88.broker agent who will help manage your lease. The domain will be transferred from the seller to a 88.broker escrow account, ensuring a secure hold on the domain during the lease term. We will transfer the domain to you once all payments are complete.

During the lease, you’re entitled to use the domain name for your website and email; your agent will guide you through that.

Each month you will continue to receive an invoice with a balance statement. You have the right to cancel the lease any time or complete all payments early to own the domain outright.

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